About Me

Noel has worked professionally in the Film/Video Production Industry for more than 15 years.  After receiving his B.A. in Communications/Journalism from St. John Fisher College, Noel moved to Los Angeles.


Whether working on feature film sets with high profile talent or learning the industry through a business standpoint at several production companies, he thrived in the the creative environment and enjoyed the collaboration and dedication needed.  As a script reader, Noel discovered his passion for the craft of screenwriting and has since written several scripts.  His first written/produced short film "Moron's Guide to Suicide" became an Official Selection of the Century City Film Festival.  


As a videographer, Noel has traveled the country shooting everything from red carpet premieres, live sporting events, concerts, and car shows. Additionally, he has shot commercial videos for small businesses, cities and towns, chambers of commerce, business associations, and corporate events.  


Noel’s photography career began as wedding photographer’s assistant.  It wasn’t until his semester abroad in college did his interest in photography develop.  Photo opportunities were abundant with London as his home and the rest of Europe close by.  However, it wasn’t until Noel visited Yosemite National Park that he turned his focus to landscape and outdoor photography.  Afterwards, he spent several months traveling and photographing the American Southwest as well as documenting his time spent in New Orleans in the Habit for Humanity Re-Build Program.  Additionally,Noel spent month as an artist-in-residence shooting the beautiful and diverse landscapes of New Mexico.  


Recently, Noel moved to New Mexico to enjoy the sunshine, landscapes, and booming film/tv industry.

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