About Me

From a young age, I have always appreciated the outdoors and have always loved filmmaking, however, it wasn't until a semester spent in London during my junior year of college did my love of photography develop. I had no camera, save for several Kodak disposables I used throughout my entire six months of traveling around London and other countries I visited. It was during these visits to Italy, France, Sweden, and Scotland did the world begin to open up and my love for travel began.  

After college, I was fortunate enough to live in Los Angeles and work in the film industry. Whether working on feature film sets with high-profile talent or learning the industry through work at several production companies, I enjoyed the creative process and collaboration needed to thrive in a team environment. During my time living in California, I was able to visit Yosemite National Park. It was on this trip that I was awestruck with Mother Nature. It was truly amazing and inspiring. The travel and photography bug struck again!


Years later, I explored some of the great destinations in the Southwest. I was equipped with a new digital camera, camping gear, and a plan for adventure. I passed through Joshua Tree and Saguaro National Parks on my way to Utah where I spent weeks exploring Monument Valley, Zion, and Arches National Parks hiking, camping, and taking pictures. This was my first real photographic adventure. It was being outside, hiking through these landscapes, that I realized I am at my most joyful, present, and mindful. My journey concluded with time spent in New Orleans in the Habit for Humanity Re-Build Program.


I have worked professionally in the Film and Video Production Industry for nearly 20 years and have traveled to 40 states shooting events including red carpet premieres, live sports, concerts, car shows, small businesses videos, and corporate events, however, it is being outdoors and in nature that humbles me most and allows time for reflection and balance. 

I hope you enjoy the photography on my site.